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Title The Sound Of Sogakudo 2
CD Label Three Shells
CD Number 3SCD-0008
Music Composed by: Track 1 (Ikuma Dan)
Track 2 (Yasushi Akutagawa)
Track 3 (Yoritsune Matsudaira)
Track 4 (Kishio Hirao)
Track 5 (Isotaro Sugata)
Track 6 (Humiwo Hayasaka / arr. Shinya Hirahara)
Track 7 (Akira Ifukube / arr. Satoshi Imai)
Tracks 8-10 (Toshiro Mayauzumi / arr.Akira Koshimizu)
Track 11 (Teizo Matsumura / The Sound Of Sogakudo Yoshihiro Minakata)
Track 12 (Michio Kitazume)
Track 13 (Joji Yuasa)
Track 14 (Atsuhiro Shiraishi / arr. Shigeru Fukuda)
Track 15 (Akira Ifukube / arr. Shigeru Fukuda)
Track 16 (Hikari Kiyama)
Track 17 (Toshiro Mayuzumi / arr. Toshiaki Matsuki)
Music Performed by: Libera Wind Symphony
Music Conducted by: Shigeru Fukuda
Number of tracks 17
Running time 78:01
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture September 19, 2009


August 22, 2013

It's hard to find much information about this particular CD. It belongs here because of a few Akira Ifukube tracks. The music is about what you'd expect from a symphony orchestra and sounds lush and full. All the members of the orchestra are listed by instrument in the back of the booklet. The music on the CD was easy to listen to and if you close your eyes can picture yourself in a great hall with this large orchestra on stage. The styles and tempos of the various tracks are a good mixture and never bore the listener. It's a good companion piece to the 1st CD in this series also on this site at: The Sound Of Sogakudo.

The Sound Of Sogakudo 2
(Sogakudo is a famous concert hall in Japan)

    STAGE 1

  1. Fanfare for the opening of the Kanagawa Art Festival
  2. Festive Suite No. 3 (Marcia in do)
  3. Japanese dance No. 2
  4. Scherzo "Nanpu"
  5. Dance on Fugue
  6. Tpoures de bombardement aerien des forces navales
  7. Marche Triomphale
  8. Concertino for Xylophone and Orchestra

  9. I. Allegro
  10. II. Adagietto
  11. 3rd Movement from Symphony
  12. STAGE 2

  13. Fanfare in the Forest, for the EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan
  14. March from "The Martian Chronicles"
  15. Fantasie Yuzuru (Recollections) for Flute and Band
  16. Symphonic Fantasia No.2
  17. Black Symphony
  18. Sports March, NTV sports news theme