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CD Label Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number COCC-13588
Music by:
Conducted by:
Performed by:
Sinsuke Kazato
Patrick Thomas
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Number of tracks 9
Running time 59:09
Number of discs 1
Recorded: 12/4/89 - 12/11/89
Year of release/manufacture July 20, 1996
U.S. Video Release: 1993


November 19, 2012 courtesy of Robert Storch

This is a very rare and obscure 1996 reissue of the ULTRAMAN GREAT SYMPHONIC SUITE soundtrack CD (COCC-13588), that was originally released 4 years earlier (COCC-9745) by Columbia in Japan. A few years back, I finally spotted this rare reissue in sealed condition and decided to buy it right away (it wasn't cheap either, costing me $90+). All of the music is identical to the 1992 CD, but the booklet is slightly different and so is the artwork on the back insert.

For some unknown reason, this 1996 reissue is almost impossible to find - I have never seen another copy anywhere. However, the original 1992 pressing does seem to pop up on Yahoo Japan auctions every now and then, and appears to be the more common version. On a last note, this Ultraman Great soundtrack CD was most recently re-released in 2007 (COCC-72238), as part of those inexpensive ANIMEX 1200 series CDs.


  1. Prelude
  2. Main Title: ULTRAMAN toward the future
  3. Great Friendship
  4. Jean Echo
  5. The War Of Deities
  6. Cityscape: Sun & Moon
  7. The Sword Of Wisdom
  8. The Wriggling For Cataclysm
  9. Final: ULTRAMAN Legend