2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Message From Space
Japanese Title: Uchu kara no messeji
Also Known As: Message From Space: Galactic Wars
CD Label: Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number: COCC-72057
Music by: Ken Ichiro Morioka
& Shunsuke Kikuchi
Number of tracks: 11
Running time: 42:12
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: March 27, 2004
Year Movie Released in Japan: 1978
Year Movie Released in U.S.: 1978


September 27, 2007

This CD is a reissue of MESSAGE FROM SPACE [Anime] (COCX-30124) (also on this site) and is part of the budget reissue series of the ANIMEX 1200 series, this one being number 57 in the series. Unlike COCX-30124 which contains a lot more music, this CD only contains 11 tracks and none of the bonus tracks of the other disc.

Listening to this music 7 years after the other disc, I enjoyed it a bit more. All in all this was a pleasant, relaxing listening experience but unless you are a fan of the film or can find it cheaply, it's not worth spending a lot of money on in my opinion. None of the tracks jumped out and grabbed me with the possible exception of track 4.

English Title: Symphonic Suite: MESSAGE from SPACE
Japanese Title: Kokyo Kumikyoku: Uchu kara no Messeji

  1. Overture: Theme of Emeralida
  2. Planet Millazalea
  3. Dancing Millazalean
  4. Spin Rock
  5. Space Navigation
    (Space Fireflies - The Prayer-Star - Attack of Gavanas)
  6. Our Planet, Sweet Earth
  7. Space Battle
  8. Space Runaway
  9. Theater Restaurant Band
  10. Brave Hero of Liabe
  11. Final Theme of Emeralida