© 2008, 2014 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number COCX-34385~6
Music by: Da Capo (artist)
Music Composed and Conducted by: Masaru Sato
Music Performed by: KOROMUBIA Symphonic Orchestra
Number of tracks Disc 1 - 24
Disc 2 - 25
Running time Disc 1 - 66:36
Disc 2 - 68:50
Number of discs 2
Year of release/manufacture July 18, 2007


April 20, 2008

The music on this two disc set is from the anime movie "Toward The Terra" and is composed by Masaru Sato (aka Satoh). Some of the music on this CD can be found on the 2003 CD Symphonic Suite TOWARD THE TERRA (COCC72005) also on this site. I have never seen this film (not a real big fan of anime) but the music here is pretty good. Most of it is symphonic in nature and kind of laid back but there are some action sounding pieces as well. The track entitled "All We Need Is Love" is NOT the Beatle song "All You Need Is Love".

Overall I found this 2 CD set to be very likeable and listenable as stand alone music. If you've seen the film you probably know how well it works with the visuals but if, like me, you have not seen the film you'll enjoy the music anyway.

(English track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates)

    Disc 1 - BGM Collection 1

  1. Alfreto's Harp
  2. Earth Longing from Far Away
  3. Alarm Day
  4. Hidden Truth
  5. Keith Anyan
  6. Sleeping Lion... Mu
  7. Departure to Tragedy
  8. To Earth...(Instrumental)
  9. Mother Eliza
  10. Shiroe Escape
  11. Symphonic Towards Terra

  12. To Earth... Coming Home to Terra
  13. Earth Longing from Far Away
  14. Alarm Day
  15. Sleeping Lion... Mu
  16. Departure to Tragedy
  17. The Youth of Atraxia
  18. Hymn to New Life
  19. Couple's Fate
  20. Members Elite Keith Anyan
  21. Burning Planet Nasca
  22. Star Sea Struggle
  23. Jomi Marcus Shin
  24. Triumph of Friendship
  25. Love Planet - All We Need Is Love

    Disc 2 - BGM Collection 2

  1. Native of Planet Nasca
  2. Jomi & Karina
  3. Blessing of Earth
  4. Birth of Tony
  5. Telepathy Attack
  6. Sam's Memory
  7. Couple's Fate
  8. Nasca Attack
  9. Burning Planet Nasca
  10. Star Sea Struggle
  11. Jomi Marcus Shin
  12. Triumph of Friendship
  13. Towards a New Day
  14. Spaceship 'The Earth' ~ Towards Terra... Drawing Near ~

  15. See The Dream Through
  16. Magical City
  17. Spaceship 'The Earth'
  18. At the Time of Departure...
  19. To Earth... Coming Home to Terra
  20. Earth Seen from The Moon
  21. Around The World ~ If You Become Great
  22. Nocturne
  23. Great Wandering
  24. Love Planet All We Need Is Love
  25. Bonus Tracks

  26. To Earth... Coming Home to Terra (original karaoke)
  27. Love Planet - All We Need is Love (original karaoke)