2004 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD info courtesy of Robert Storch

Title: Super Atragon
CD Label: ADV Music
CD Number: CSA/001
Music by: Masamichi Amano
Number of tracks: 20
Running time: 73:05
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: June 3, 2003
Year Movie Released in Japan: 1995
Year Movie Released in U.S.: 1995


April 23, 2004

REVIEW: by Robert Storch

This version of Super Atragon is exactly the same as the Japanese CD (KICA-308) located elsewhere on this site. The only differences are that this release was manufactured and distributed in North America by A.D. Vision, Inc. and the cover art has the English title as well as a subtitle: "Metal Pulse Music Edition". Masamichi Amano composed, arranged, and conducted a wonderful score that doesn't sound like typical anime music. The main title is the best piece on this soundtrack and it shows up a few times on this CD. Some parts of this music sound like John Williams and other parts sound like a cross between anime or Ultraman music. Performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic, this music sounds incredible though and you can feel the power of the score.

The Japanese release is out of print and very hard to find for some reason so this CD is well worth picking up if you want the soundtrack. As of now, it can be ordered from Amazon or directly from ADV's website. Besides a lower price, you also get a booklet entirely in English, which gives plenty of info on the animated series and the music, plus info and background on Toho's 1963 classic! Below is an excerpt from the booklet...I believe the composer himself is speaking:

"At the same time all my friends were getting really into Godzilla, Mothra, King Kong, etc for some reason I wasn't into those monster movies. I was more into Chikyu Boeigun, Uchu Taisenso, Kaitei Gunkan, and Yosei Gomez. I remember my friends humming the Godzilla theme, and telling them "I like these songs better," and singing the music from various scenes in Kaitei Gunkan. Of course, both the Godzilla theme and the Kaitei Gunkan songs were composed by Akira Ifukube, but for some reason the music from Kaitei Gunkan left a bigger impression on me. And speaking of which, one of the hardest things for me was that even now when people think of Kaitei Gunkan, they automatically think of Mr. Ifukube's songs, and I wanted something different for the animated version. The atmosphere of this new animated series is the same as the previous live-action version, except for the music."

Super Atragon

    "Zero Hours To Destruction"

  1. 1945, Day of Destiny
  2. Theme of the Hyuga Family
  3. Theme of the Undersea Battleship (Main Title)
  4. Departure for the South Pole
  5. Giant Column Indra
  6. Menace of the Gravity Lenses
  7. Theme of the un Forces
  8. Fortress Bimarna, Spotted
  9. Theme of Eternal Love to the Ends of the Deep Blue Sea (Theme of the Vo)
  10. "Memories Of The Ocean"

  11. Mystery of the Giant Meteorite
  12. Battle in the Sky
  13. Return of the Ra
  14. Truth of 1945
  15. Go and Annette
  16. Deepening Love
  17. Triangle Battle
  18. Launch of the Water Dragon
  19. Attack of the Super Vibration Wave
  20. Decisive Battle When the Pacific Ocean Was Dyed Red (Ra vs. Liberty)
  21. Launch into the Unknown (Ending)