2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Godzilla Legend
CD Label: King Record Co. Ltd./Star Child
CD Number: KICA-72~4
Music by: Makoto Inoue
Music Composed by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks: Disc 1: 17
Disc 2: 14
Disc 3: 10
Running time: Disc 1: 52:10
Disc 2: 50:56
Disc 3: 46:01
Number of discs: 3
Year of release/manufacture: 1991


January 4, 2002

This 3 CD set by Makoto Inoue is done with synthesizers and sticks very close to the originals by Akira Ifukube. At times you can't even tell it's synthesizer music. This set seems to be comprised of two earlier discs on this site: Chronology 1, K32X 7032 and Chronology 2, K32X 7033 with some additional tracks added plus a new third disc. While you won't mistake these for the originals, they are pretty close and sound pretty good. This set is worth picking up if you can find it, especially if you haven't been able to track down originals.

Title:	Godzilla Legend

Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates!

Disc 1

Godzilla Legend I

 1	Godzilla's Theme
 2	God Made Gigantic
 3	King Kong vs Godzilla
 4	Kong Delivery Plan
 5	Sacred Fountain ~ Mothra's Departure
 6	Godzilla Attacks
 7	Kurobe Valley's Theme
 8	King Ghidorah Appears!
 9	Earth Monsters Join Forces
10	Destroy All Monsters march
11	Mechagodzilla II's Theme
12	Invasion of the Astro Monster march ~ Ending

Bonus Tracks

13	Visitor from Beyond the Stratosphere (remix version)
14	God Made Gigantic (remix version)
15	Godzilla's Theme (chronology version)
16	Destroy All Monsters (chronology version)
17	Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla (remix version)

Disc 2

Godzilla Legend II: Voyage To Dream Quest 

 1	Visitor from Beyond the Stratosphere
 2	Prince Wanpaku's Great Serpent Slaying
 3	Steel Apeman of The Pole
 4	Dr Lisendorf's Beating Sound
  A	U-boat
  B	Maser Ray Force march
  C	Nocturnal Giant
 5	Song of the Fall of the Sacred Mu Empire
 6	Goten Kenmu Group Strike!
 7	Great Aerial Science Fight
 8	Earth Defence Force (The Mysterians)
 9	Latitude Zero
10	Grotesque Wild God
11	Requiem for Great Earth
12	Voyage to Dream Quest

Bonus Tracks

13	Song of the Fall of the Sacred Mu Empire (Melo Karaoke)
14	I, Space Pilot (Hariken Ryu [?] version)

Disc 3

Godzilla Legend III: Dialogue Of The Infantians 

 1	Great Monster: Infant Island ~ Mothra's Song
 2	Godzilla Showdowns Series
 	Terror of Mechagodzilla ~ Godzilla vs Gigan
	Godzilla Raids Again ~ Ebirah, Horror of the Deep ~ Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla
 3	Gorath
	Introduction ~ Gorath's Great Approach
	Earth Shift Project ~ I, Space Pilot
 4	Invasion of the Astro Monster main title
	Great Monster War march
 5	from Godzilla vs Gigan
	Children's Land Collapse
 6	Godzilla Charges
	Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster ~ King Kong vs Godzilla ~ Mothra vs Godzilla
 7	from Mothra vs Godzilla
	Mahara Mothra
 8	from Godzilla 1954
	Prayer for Peace
 9	from Godzilla 1984
	Godzilla Revives

Bonus Tracks

10	from Prince Wanpaku's Great Serpent Slaying
	Amenozume's Dance ~ Open Rock Door

Synthesizer: Inoue Masashi (?)