© 2012 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown
CD Label: RecordBreakin music
CD Number: N/A
Music Performed by: Big Pimp Jones
Number of tracks: 11
Running time: 47:57
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: June 11, 2012


July 25, 2012

First off I want to thank Keith (a member of Big Pimp Jones) for contacting me and sending me a copy of this CD. You can get more info about the band, their music, their comics and other activities as well as ordering their CD's at: http://www.kodoja.com/. I noticed some of their music is also available at Amazon.com.

After listening to this CD several times I think I enjoy it more than their 2011 release Project: Kyojo also on this site. A few of the tracks have a short bit of dialogue at the beginning or end like it was part of a movie. The music has an overall feel to it that it fits in with a Japanese Kaiju soundtrack.

This is another good addition to this web site and you would be doing yourself a favor to at least sample the music at the websites listed above. "Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown" can also be downloaded in mp3 format or sampled at Amazon.com.

Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown

  1. Terror Mountain Showdown
  2. Initial Confrontation
  3. Standoff
  4. The Military's Kiss
  5. Rise from the Sea
  6. Fight Among the Skyscrapers
  7. Three minutes to Evacuate
  8. Night sky over Harbor
  9. Battle in the Sky
  10. Descending Upon Monsters
  11. Epilogue of Chaos