2004 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: GODZILLA 50th Anniversary Edition
CD Label: La-La Land Records Inc.
CD Number: LLLCD-1022
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks: 26
Running time: 46:28
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: August 04, 2004


August 18, 2004

Available for the first time, this is the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the classic 1954 film GODZILLA, featuring the complete score by famed composer Akira Ifukube, (who is celebrating his 90 th birthday this year). Produced in association with Toho Studios, this commemorative 50 th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack is a handsome companion to the restored original film, currently playing in theaters across the nation in limited engagements. Ifukube's timeless orchestral score evokes all the terror and majesty of that towering creature cherished around the world. Newly remastered with bonus tracks (cues edited as they appeared in the film), the CD includes a knockout collectors' booklet featuring exclusive artwork and in-depth liner notes.

That's from the web site at: http://www.lalalandrecords.com. The liner notes were also written by one of the big contributors to this site, David Hirsch. I can tell you without a doubt this CD lives up to the hype and now you can get an affordable U.S. version that is as good or better than the out of print and almost impossible to find original Japanese CD. I love this CD.

UPDATED:October 20, 2004 - below courtesy of John DeSentis

I have a bit of info regarding the La-La Land Records release of Godzilla, http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/LLLCD1022.htm. It is regarding the baby cry being absent from the "Tragic sight at the Imperial Capital" track, otherwise known as "Devastated Tokyo" on the Futureland release. What La-La Land Records did was simply take the first two and a half minutes out of "Godzilla at the Ocean Floor" and place it on the soundtrack as the first track. The baby cry would have been impossible to remove as it was recorded with the NHK Philharmonic Orchestra during the sessions. Appearently, Akira Ifukube wanted some "authentic" effects to go along with the music and the scene for which it was composed. From what I am told, he did a similar thing with his score to "Children of the Atomic Age". So with "Godzilla at the Ocean Floor" being essentially the same piece of music only extended, they took the first few minutes of the track and ended it at the point which matches the "Devastated Tokyo Track". It is appearent when listening to it, as "Devastated Tokyo" has a sadder tone to it and is more pronounced during the middle section when the baby cries. I don't see why this was necessary, as the baby cry actually hammered home what was being stated with the music, but to the casual or non-discerning listener, this will not pose any distraction. Indeed, this should absolutely NOT discourage anyone from buying this incredible release. I can definately say that it did not affect my enjoyment of this amazingly remastered and packaged release of the classic score. This was indeed a great decision by the folks at La-La Land records and a job definately well done. Now if only we can get a DVD release done with just as much care!

GODZILLA 50th Anniversary Edition

  1. Godzilla Approaches (sound f/x)
  2. Godzilla Main Title
  3. Sinking of Eikou-Maru
  4. Sinking of Bingou-Maru
  5. Anxieties in Ootojima Island
  6. Ootojima Temple Festival
  7. Stormy Ootojima Island
  8. Theme for Ootojima Island
  9. Japanese Army March I
  10. Horror of the Water Tank
  11. Godzilla Comes Ashore
  12. Godzilla's Rampage
  13. Desperate Broadcast
  14. Godzilla Comes to Tokyo Bay
  15. Intercept Godzilla
  16. Tragic Sight of the Imperial Capital
  17. Oxygen Destroyer
  18. Prayer for Peace
  19. Japanese Army March II
  20. Godzilla at the Ocean Floor
  21. Ending
  22. Godzilla Leaves (sound f/x)

  24. Main Title (Film Version)
  25. First Landing (Film Version)
  26. Tokyo in Flames (Film Version)
  27. Last Assault (Film Version)