ę 2009 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title The Three Treasures
aka "The Birth of Japan" Complete Edition Original Soundtrack
Japanese Title Nihon tanj˘
CD Label Toho Music Corporation
CD Number TSFCD-11-1 / TSFCD-11-2
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks Disc 1 - 31
Disc 2 - 40
Running time Disc 1: 76:06
Disc 2: 76:55
Number of discs 2
Year of release/manufacture November 01, 2009
Year Movie Released in Japan November 01,1959
Year Movie Released in US December 20, 1960


November 15, 2009

This CD was released to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the movie's release in Japan. With more tracks and longer running times, this set may be slightly more complete than the now out of print 1992 Futureland set elsewhere on this site at http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/I5209.htm. It's spread over two very full CD's. Both have running times over 76 minutes. This makes sense since the movie itself ran 182 minutes in the Japanese release and was cut to 112 minutes for the US release.

The music on this CD is very much Akira Ifukube from that era. Many of the tracks on these two discs could very easily have come from the soundtrack to a Godzilla movie of that time period or a movie like "The Mysterians". Very good sounding set despite both discs being in Mono. It's very possible these tracks were never recorded in stereo.

All said, this is a great 50th Anniversary set of some great Akira Ifukube music. Grab it before it goes out of print.

The Three Treasures
aka "The Birth of Japan" Complete Edition Original Soundtrack
Japanese Title: Nihon tanj˘

Translations courtesy of http://www.thm-store.jp/cnts/st08.html

    DISC 1

  1. Main Title (M title T3)
  2. Birth of Japan (M Kumashiro)
  3. 8 large islands (M Kumashiro A)
  4. Yamato people each (PS-8T2)
  5. Largelife (M1)
  6. Ousu life (M1A)
  7. Emperor Jing Ban Hiroshi line (M2)
  8. Zeng bear expedition (M3T2)
  9. Kick-off of life Ousu (M4)
  10. Ise (M5)
  11. Uda songs (PS-17)
  12. Orange Princess brother (M7)
  13. Prayer for victory (M8A)
  14. Departure Ise (M8C + PS-26T2)
  15. Song of Kume (PS-26T2)
  16. Line Nishi Tadashi (M9)
  17. Feelings of the Light Brigade (M10)
  18. Party bears the great- (PS-41T2)
  19. Party bears the great- (PS-45)
  20. Zeng expedition consisting of a bear (M11)
  21. Triumph of Japan Takeru (M12)
  22. Ya Mourning(M13A)
  23. Susa Yukio wild life (M13B)
  24. Iwaya heaven (M13C)
  25. Cheonan River (M14)
  26. Iwato Kagura (PS-60MIX)
  27. Resurrection of the Sun Goddess (M16T2)
  28. Bonus Tracks

  29. Song of the UDA (PS-26T1)
  30. Zeng bear feasts (PS-41T1)
  31. Yamato songs (PS-125T2)
  32. Iwato Kagura (PS-60 Test 3)

    DISC 2

  1. Opening of the second (M17)
  2. Yukio life crying Susa (M18)
  3. Provisions of the shaman (M19)
  4. Village of Izumo (M20)
  5. Princess Inada odd (M21)
  6. Preparing snake extermination (M22A)
  7. Snake Gifu 8 (M24)
  8. Dragon slaying (M25)
  9. Restless march (M26)
  10. Beauty of the night (M27)
  11. Prayer (M Tyco + M28)
  12. Uda songs (M29)
  13. Dignity and beauty?night (M30)
  14. Feelings of two (M31)
  15. Country Fire Mountain (M32)
  16. Dance of the Mountain of Fire (M33T2)
  17. Kusanagi Sword (M33A)
  18. Feelings shaken (M34)
  19. Night of the country to the east (M35)
  20. Yamato songs (PS-125T3)
  21. Volume dragon (M35A)
  22. Death of Princess Tachibana brother (M35BT1)
  23. Military Ban Hiroshi kick-off (M36)
  24. YamatoShi (M37)
  25. Dairansen (M38)
  26. Anger of the Earth (M39)
  27. Ending (M40)
  28. Bonus tracks

  29. Main Title (M by T1)
  30. Main Title (M by T2)
  31. Zeng bear expedition (M3T1)
  32. Departure Ise (M8B)
  33. Departure Ise (M8C)
  34. Ya ?(M13)
  35. Resurrection of the Sun Goddess (M16T1)
  36. Dragon slaying (M25 Test)
  37. Dance of the Mountain of Fire (M33T1)
  38. Death of Princess Tachibana brother (M35BT2)
  39. Drum Prayer (M TYCO)
  40. Prayer (M28)
  41. Dora