Film Music Of Akira Kurosawa
6 CD Box Set
Volume 2

2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Film Music of Akira Kurosawa
CD Label Toho Music Corporation
CD Number AK-0006~0009
Music by: Masaru Satoh
Recordings Stereo/Mono
Number of discs 6
Year of release/manufacture 2002


April 12, 2002 (Updated Dec. 6, 2002)

Unlike the Futureland, TYCY-5637-41, 5 CD box set on this site that covers parts of most of Akira Kurosawa's films, Toho Music is releasing several box sets of music in Akira Kurosawa's films that are supposed to contain complete (or as complete as they can make them) soundtracks to each of his films. Each set contains 6 CD's. So far they have released three sets. The first set Film Music of Akira Kurosawa - Vol. 1 and Film Music of Akira Kurosawa - Vol. 3 are also on this site. The third volume was released Nov. 14, 2002.

This second volume contains four discs covering 4 films plus a bonus 5th disc called "THE WORLD OF AKIRA KUROSAWA: REAL SOUNDTRACKS" which concentrates on "HEAVEN AND HELL" and "RED BEARD". The 6th disc is called "Single Records Collection". The volume 1 box set has one of these bonus discs covering "Seven Samurai". The price of these sets are very reasonable considering that you are getting 6 discs per box. The booklet cover photos for each of the movie discs is done in sepia tones with red lettering and has a grainy look to them. So when you go to the pages for each individual disc, the graininess of the scans is supposed to be there.

If you are a fan of the music in Kurosawa's films, I highly recommend these box sets and suggest you grab them while you can because I have a feeling they won't be available for long. I bought my copies from Ark Soundtrack Square at: I have dealt with this company four times now and have been very satisfied with their service and quick delivery.

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