2009 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title The Mysterians/Battle In Outer Space
Japanese Title Chikyu Boeigun/Uchu Daisenso
Movie also known as: Earth Defense Force/Great Space War
CD Label Toho Music Corporation
CD Number TSFCD-05/TSFCD-06
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks Disc 1 - 39
Disc 2 - 45
Running time Disc 1 - 63:41
Disc 2 - 75:28
Number of discs 2
Date of release/manufacture July 28, 2009


August 20, 2009

This newly released two disc set nicely replaces the now out of print, Futureland CD's. After listening to this set a few times, I can't hear any significant differences. Maybe my hearing isn't as great as it was in my youth but I am far from deaf. So maybe someone with super hearing can point out some minor differences. All I can say is that both discs sound terrific. That being said, the plus side is that if you don't own the Futureland out of print CD's and don't want to pay a hefty price trying to get them, then here you get two great discs at a low price. The minus side is that these discs no longer have the bonus sound effects tracks of the originals. So unless you don't have the originals or are a completist that needs everything (no matter how many times the same stuff is reissued) then there is no good reason to spend the money. IF however you don't have the originals, then grab this set before it too goes out of print.

The reviews of the Futureland originals on this site are at: The Mysterians and at: Battle In Outer Space.

U.S. Title: The Mysterians
Japanese Title: Chikyu Boeigun

  1. Main Title (M1T2+M1T3)
  2. The Incident (M2T2)
  3. The Collapse (M3T2)
  4. The Appearance of Mogera (M4)
  5. Mogera Attacks (M5T2)
  6. Scientific Lunar Phenomenon ((M6T3)
  7. The Research Team Heads Off to Fuji (M7T4)
  8. Mysterian Dome (M8)
  9. The First Round of Battle (M10)
  10. Demand for an International Conference (M11)
  11. The Global Defense Conference (M12)
  12. The Alpha and The Beta (M13)
  13. Preparing to Attack (M14T2)
  14. The Kidnapping ((M15T4)
  15. Shelter 120km (M16)
  16. Markalite FAHP (M17) (NOTE: F.A.H.P. stands for "Flying Atomic Heat Projector")
  17. The Mysterians Retaliate (M19T2)
  18. Furious Electron Cannon Assault(M20T2)
  19. The Mysterians Depart(M20AT2)
  20. Ending (M21T3)
  21. Bonus Tracks

  22. Main Title (M1T1)
  23. Main Title (M1T2)
  24. Main Title (M1T3)
  25. The Incident (M2T1)
  26. Mogera Attacks (M5T1)
  27. Scientific Lunar Phenomenon (M6T1)
  28. Scientific Lunar Phenomenon (M6T2)
  29. The Research Team Heads Off to Fuji (M7T2)
  30. The Research Team Heads Off to Fuji (M7T3)
  31. The Kidnapping (M15T2)
  32. The Kidnapping (M15T3)
  33. Markalite FAHP (M18)
  34. The Mysterians Retaliate (M19T1)
  35. Furious Electron Cannon Assault (M20T1)
  36. The Mysterians Depart ((M20AT1)
  37. Ending (M21T1)
  38. Music news bulletin (M9A)
  39. Music Television (M9B)
  40. Bon Odori

U.S. Title: Battle In Outer Space
Japanese Title: Uchu Daisenso

(a.k.a. The Great Space War)

  1. Opening (M1)
  2. Main Title (M2)
  3. Bizarre Incident on the Tokaido Railway (M3)
  4. A Series of Strange Incidents (M4)
  5. Emergency Strategy Session (M5T1)
  6. Professor AMEDDO (M6)
  7. AMEDDO's Escape (M7)
  8. Starry Sky (M8)
  9. Car Radio - Background Music (M9)
  10. Brainwashing (M10)
  11. The Magnificence of the Base (M11)
  12. Parade I (Edited) (PS-Salute of Honor T2)
  13. Parade II (Edited) (PS-Battle Cry T3)
  14. The SPIP Blasts Off (M12)
  15. Debris (M13)
  16. The Heat Ray Gun (M14)
  17. Lunar Landing (M15)
  18. The Lunar Surface (M16)
  19. The Exploration Vehicle Starts Moving (M18)
  20. Air Cushion (M19)
  21. Iwamura and the SPIP (M20)
  22. Onward! (M21)
  23. The Cave (M22)
  24. The Nataru Base (M23)
  25. The Natalese (M24)
  26. Lunar World Battle I (M26)
  27. Lunar World Battle II (M27)
  28. Return of the SPIP (M28)
  29. News Spreads Worldwide (M29)
  30. Prepare to Ambush (M30)
  31. Combat Rockets Launched (M31)
  32. Battle in Outer Space (M32)
  33. Wrath of the Freeze Gun (M33)
  34. Destroy the Giant Mother Ship! (M34)
  35. No Trace of the Enemy (M34A)
  36. Ending (M35)
  37. Bonus Tracks

  38. Main Titles Opening - (M1 + M2)
  39. Emergency meeting (M5T2)
  40. Parade Music (PS-Salute of Honor T1)
  41. Parade Music (PS-Salute of Honor T2)
  42. Parade Music (PS-52T1 Battle Cry)
  43. Parade Music (PS-Battle Cry T2)
  44. Parade Music (PS-Battle Cry T3)
  45. Parade Music (PS-The Heavens)
  46. Applause