Music from The Works Of
Eiji Tsuburaya
Ultraman & Godzilla
5 CD Box Set

2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Music from The Works Of Eiji Tsuburaya
Ultraman & Godzilla
CD Label Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number COCX-31431~35
Music by: Various Artists
Recordings Stereo/Mono
Number of discs 5
Year of release/manufacture 07-20-2001


May 24, 2002

Born July 7, 1901 in Sukagawa City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. When Eiji was three years old, his mother died and his father left him. From then on he was raised by his grandmother. In 1919 Eiji found work as a camera man having been invited by Yoshiro Edamasa to be his assistant. Following World War I, Eiji worked as an assistant cameraman at various film studios in Kyoto and finally made his debut as chief camera operator in 1927. In 1935 Eiji was a successful camera operator (in modern terms, Director of Photography) mostly handling documentary films. In 1937 he developed a new type of screen process which was used in a German/Japanese co-production called The New Land. That same year he became the Chief of Toho's newly created Special Effects Division. With the success of 1954's "Godzilla" Eiji became established as Toho's monster and science fiction film special effects master, helming at least 40 such pictures, in addition to providing effects work for live stage productions. In 1966 Eiji executive produced the smash hit science fiction TV series ULTRA Q for his new production company Tsuburaya Productions. Eiji continued to executive produce all of the company's programs until he died. On January 25, 1970 while vacationing in a cottage in Shizuoka Prefecture, Eiji passed away from heart failure. He was 68. As a cameraman, director of photography, special effects director and executive producer, Eiji Tsuburaya was involved in the making of over 200 films and TV programs.
The above biographical information courtesy of The Official Eiji Tsuburaya Web Site at:

This is a very enjoyable box set, especially if you are an Ultraman fan. All five discs are fully packed with music and all have running times over 73 minutes each. Four of the five discs contain Ultraman music and one disc (Disc 3) is devoted to Mr. Tsuburaya's Godzilla work. Disc 1 & Disc 2 contain about tracks that are about 50% vocal and 50% instrumental. Disc 3, the Godzilla material, contains music that will be familiar to Godzilla fans. However, unless my memory fails me (and it has been awhile since listening to the original soundtracks), a few of these tracks sound as if they may be alternate takes or cues not on the original soundtracks. For my tastes, of the four Ultraman discs, I enjoyed Disc 4 & 5 the most.

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Disc 4
Disc 5

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