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Title: Godzilla Zoro Zoro (GODZILLA PARADE)
Also known as: Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla & Godzilla
CD Label: King Record Co., Ltd.
CD Number: KICS 836
Music composed by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks: 12
Running time: 76:35
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: Dec. 21, 2000


Jan. 3, 2001

When I ordered this CD from Japan, it's title was listed as: "Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla & Godzilla" but when I received it the title on the CD said "Godzilla Zoro Zoro". The title is also listed the same way on Deodeo. All tracks except # 1, 2 & 11 are in stereo.

What this CD seems to be are various artists interpretations of several of Akira Ifukube's "Godzilla" themes. Some are done very well and would hold up well under repeated listening's. Some tracks are done in a jazz style and most tracks are recognizable while a few will have you wondering where this music came from. Overall this is a pleasant listen with several outstandingly good tracks.

This additional information is listed on the CD Japan web site for this CD:

This Godzilla music compilation includes a variety of Godzilla music arranged in different styles such as a Jazz track by Jack Walrath who's a well known Godzilla Otaku, or a Shakuhachi version, or a fusion number by Yajuoukoku, and so forth.

Additional information June 12, 2001 courtesy of Sam Scali

Other than the "GODZILLA '54" and Neil Norman tracks, all of the other music has been previously released on different CD's on the KING label. Here is a track-by-track analysis:

  1. Godzilla's Footsteps, Cry - From GODZILLA '54 original soundtrack
  2. Main Title - From GODZILLA '54 original soundtrack
  3. Symphonic Fantasia No.1 - From "ARTISTRY OF AKIRA IFUKUBE VOL. 4" (KICC-178), conducted by Hirokami
  4. Monster Kingdom Godzilla - A rock version of the Godzilla Theme, from a CD called "FULL FANTASY" (KICP-741) by Yajyu-Okhoku
  5. Godzilla vs Tank Squad - Originally track 13 on "OSTINATO" (K32X-7037 & KICA-2212)
  6. GODZILLA Title - Originally track 24 on "OSTINATO"
  7. KOKOO Godzilla - A jazz-fusion version of the Godzilla Theme, from Kokoo's "SUPER-NOVA" CD (KICP-716)
  8. Godzilla - A version of the Godzilla Theme from track 6 of Jack Walrath's "GODZILLA JAZZ" CD (KICJ-345)
  9. Godzilla Theme - Neil Norman (Originally from Neil Norman's "GREATEST SCIENCE FICTION HITS" LP & CD, and later on "GODZILLA 1954-75" CD (GNP CRESCENDO)
  10. Symphonic Fantasia No.1 - From the original 1983 recording of SYMPHONIC FANTASIA, conducted by Akira Ifukube (K32X-7034) [I don't have this CD but I hope to find it someday!]
  11. Main Title - From GODZILLA '54 original soundtrack (why this track is repeated twice on this CD is anybody's guess!)
  12. Violino Ed Orchestra (first movement) - From "ARTISTRY OF AKIRA IFUKUBE VOL. 5" (KICC-179)

May 08, 2013 - Additional links for the tracks on this CD courtesy of research by Robert Storch

Tracks 1 & 2...http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/G5345.htm
Track 3............http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/I178.htm
Tracks 5 & 6...http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/ostinato2.htm
Track 7...........http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/KICP716.htm
Track 8...........http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/G-JAZZ.htm
Track 9...........http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/GNPD8055.htm
Track 10.........http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/K32X7034.htm
Track 11..........http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/G5345.htm
Track 12..........http://www.godzillamonstermusic.com/KICC179.htm

Translation courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Godzilla's Footsteps, Cry
  2. From GODZILLA original soundtrack
  3. SF Reverberation Fantasy Pt 1
    Japan National Philharmonic conducted by Hirokami
  4. Monster Kingdom Godzilla
  5. Godzilla vs Tank Squad
  6. GODZILLA Title
  7. KOKOO Godzilla
  8. Jack Wallace Godzilla
  9. Neil Norman Godzilla
  10. SF Reverberation Fantasy Pt 1
    conducted by Sekizawa
  11. From GODZILLA original soundtrack
  12. Secret Track Godzilla's Egg?