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Title: The H-Man / The Human Vapor / The Secret Of The Telegian
CD Label: Toho Music Corporation
CD Number: TSFCD-12~14
Music by: Masaru Satoh
Kunio Miyauchi
Sei Ikeno
Number of tracks: Disc 1 - 41
Disc 2 - 44
Disc 3 - 45
Running time: Disc 1 - 69:12
Disc 2 - 59:53
Disc 3 - 76:50
Number of discs: 3
Year of release/manufacture: February 01, 2012


March 11, 2012

A review will be coming at a later date. For now please see the review at Toho Kingdom at: http://www.tohokingdom.com/news/2011/12-27_h-man_vapour_telegian.html

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The Human Vapor
The Secret Of The Telegian

Track Titles courtesy of Toho Kingdom at: http://www.tohokingdom.com/news/2011/12-27_h-man_vapour_telegian.html

H-Man (1958)

  1. Main Title (M1-T1 + M24-T4)
  2. The Rain at Night (M23-T3)
  3. The Man Who Vanished in the Rain (M2)
  4. Homura Club I (PS1-T4)
  5. The Magic Begins (PS2)By: Martha Miyake
  6. Homura Club II (M3)
  7. Recalling the Taiei Maru (M4)
  8. Mysterious Ghost Ship (M5 + M6 + M6A + M7)
  9. Chikako Arai's Testimony (M8-T2)
  10. So Deep is My Love (PS3-T5)By: Martha Miyake
  11. Homura Club III (PS4-T3)
  12. The Liquid Invasion (M9)
  13. The Liquid Approaches Chikako (M10)
  14. Homura Club IV (M11)
  15. The Death of Detective Sakata (M12)
  16. Uchida Disappears (M13-T2)
  17. Liquefaction Experiment (M14-T2)
  18. Report: Era of the H-Man (M15)
  19. Masada in Pursuit (M16)
  20. H-Man in the Sewers (M18-T2)
  21. H-Man Incineration Strategy (M19)
  22. H-Man's Demise (M20-T2)
  23. Ending (M21-T2)
  24. Bonus Tracks

  25. Main Title (M1-T1)
  26. Main Title (M1-T2)
  27. Mysterious Ghost Ship (M5)
  28. The Creeping Liquid (M6)
  29. Emerging Shadow (M6A)
  30. The Ghost Standing on Deck (M7)
  31. Uchida Disappears (M13-T1)
  32. Ending (M21-T1)
  33. Homura Club I (PS1-T2)
  34. So Deep is My Love (PS3-T2)
  35. So Deep is My Love (PS3-T4)
  36. Homura Club III (PS4-T1)
  37. Homura Club III (PS4-T2)
  38. H-Man (M22)
  39. H-Man (M24-T1)
  40. H-Man (M24-T2)
  41. H-Man (M24-T3)
  42. H-Man (M24-T4)

The Secret of the Telegian (1960)

  1. Main Title (M1)
  2. The First Homicide (M2)
  3. Fallen Parts (M3)
  4. The Victim's Personal Effects (M4)
  5. The Man That Purchased a Cooling Device (M5)
  6. Kirioka and Chujo I (M6)
  7. Muzzle (M7-T2)
  8. Cabaret Daihonei I (PS26-T2 Edit)
  9. Old Imperial Army Dog Tag (M8)
  10. Cabaret Daihonei II (M9)
  11. The Taped Threat (M10)
  12. Cabaret Daihonei III (PS30)
  13. Corporal Sudo (M11)
  14. Pursuit I (M12)
  15. The Telegian in the Warehouse District (M13)
  16. First Lieutenant Onishi's Recollection (M14-T2)
  17. The Death of Sudo (M15)
  18. Kirioka and Chujo II (M16)
  19. The Cooling Device's Location (M17)
  20. Sudo and the Transmission Machine (M18)
  21. Creating an Alibi I (M19)
  22. The Telegian Appears (M20-T1)
  23. Pursuit II (M21 Edit)
  24. Creating an Alibi II (M22)
  25. The Third Homicide (M13 Edit)
  26. Radio Music (M23)
  27. Early Warning of the Final Homicide (M24)
  28. Sudo Vanishes (M21)
  29. Sudo's Whereabouts (M26)
  30. The Telegian's True Colors (M27)
  31. Pursuit III (M28-T2)
  32. Ending (M29-T1
  33. Bonus Tracks

  34. Muzzle (M7-T1)
  35. Corporal Sudo (M11 + DBM)
  36. First Lieutenant Onishi's Recollection (M14-T1)
  37. The Telegian Appears (M20-T2)
  38. Sudo Vanishes (M25)
  39. Pursuit III (M28-T1)
  40. Ending (M29-T2)
  41. Cabaret Daihonei I (PS26-T1)
  42. Cabaret Daihonei I (PS26-T2)
  43. Radio Music (M23 Final Edit)
  44. Thriller Show (Record 1)
  45. Cabaret Daihonei IV (The Boss and the Explosive Daughter M8)

The Human Vapour (1960)

  1. Main Title (M1)
  2. Itsukaichi Highway Pursuit (M2)
  3. The Beauty with the Devil's Mask (M3)
  4. Dragon I (M4)
  5. Terror at the Mikuni Bank (M5)
  6. Safe Room Mystery (M9 Edit)
  7. A Bank Gangster's Spree (M6)
  8. Solo Investigation (M7)
  9. Tailing (M8)
  10. Fujichiyo's Secret (M9)
  11. The Kyodo Bank (M10)
  12. A Series of Incidents (M11)
  13. Dragon II (M12)
  14. The Man who Turned Himself in (M13)
  15. The Human Vapour Emerges (M14)
  16. Declaration of the Human Vapour (M15)
  17. Horror of the Human Vapour I (M16)
  18. Fujichiyo and the Human Vapour I (M17)
  19. Kasuga's Bond (M18)
  20. The Human Vapour Arrives (M19)
  21. Doctor Sano (M20)
  22. 240 Hours (M21)
  23. The Creation of the Human Vapour (M22)
  24. Despair and Hope (M23)
  25. The Human Vapour is Immortal (M24)
  26. Fujichiyo and the Human Vapour II (M25)
  27. Fujichiyo's Desire (M26)
  28. Horror of the Human Vapour II (M27)
  29. The Fate of the Demons of Emotion (M23A Edit)
  30. The Moment Approaches (M28-T1)
  31. Ending (M28A)
  32. Bonus Tracks

  33. The Human Vapour's Theme (M23A)
  34. The Moment Approaches (M28-T2 First Half)
  35. Ending (M28-T1 Second Half)
  36. The Demon of Emotion I (PS62-1)
  37. The Demon of Emotion II (PS115-1)
  38. The Demon of Emotion III (PS115B)
  39. The Demon of Emotion I (PS115-Hand Drum)
  40. The Demon of Emotion II (PS115-Whistle)
  41. The Demon of Emotion III (PS115B-Hand Drum)
  42. The Demon of Emotion: Fujichiyo's Residence (DB1-PS)
  43. The Demon of Emotion: Practice (DB5-PS)
  44. The Demon of Emotion: Symposium I (DB12-PS)
  45. The Demon of Emotion: Symposium II (DB13-PS)
  46. Fujichiyo's Performance (Soundtrack Excerpt)