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Where Can I Find These Soundtracks?

These Japanese CD's are getting harder and harder to find all the time.
Here are some sites to try:

For some upcoming Godzilla convention information, check out:

Chiller Theatre - Toy, Model and Film Expo


Probably the biggest and most up to date links page for other Godzilla related sites is:

Other Godzilla Sites Worth Checking:

Akira Ifukube website at
SciFi Japan at
CD Japan's Collectors Den at
Toho Kingdom at
AMERICAN KAIJU at The art of Todd Tennant
Godzilla Classics
Chibi Goji Toys:
Barry's Temple of Godzilla
Topher's Great Godzilla Pages
Stomp Tokyo
About.Com Classic Movies

Randall D Larson has put out the 2nd Edition of "Musique Fantastique - 100 Years of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror Music", a Rondo nominated 2012 book which includes a chapter on the music for Godzilla and other Toho monster movies.
Click here for a PDF version of the announcement: Musique Fantastique or go to the web site at:

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