GODZILLA & Other Monster Music
*** Cineme-Kan label releases ***

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This page is for CD's released by the Cinema-Kan label.

Click on any picture or title below to bring up a page with a larger picture of the CD cover along with other info on the soundtrack.
Fantasy World Of Japanese Pictures Part 1 Fantasy World Of Japanese Pictures Part 2 Fantasy World Of Japanese Pictures Part 3 Bloodthirsty Music:
Toho's "Bloodthirsty" Series Music Collection
Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell Writhing Tongue Original Soundtrack Monster Snowman Original Soundtrack Blood Type: Blue
Admiral of the Combined Fleet:
Isoroku Yamamoto Original Soundtrack
Turning Point in Showa History:
Battle of Okinawa Original Soundtrack
Frankenstein vs. Subterranean Monster Baragon
Original Soundtrack
Frankenstein's Monsters: Sanda vs. Gaira
Original Soundtrack
King Kong's Counterattack OST Yokai Trilogy OST Naughty Prince's Orochi Slaying OST
Giant Monster Varan OST

Space Monster Dogora OST

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