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This page is for Japanese CD's that don't quite fit any of the other categories on this site but may be of interest.

Click on any picture or title below to bring up a page with a larger picture of the CD cover along with other info on the soundtrack including an English translation of the track titles.(Most of the CD's only have Japanese writing)
King Kong 2 Superman II/III Kikaida/Kikaida-01 For The Love & You
Kirari*SailorDream Sailor Moon Character Song
Tsukino Usagi
Sailor Mars:Rei Hino Sailor Venus Character Song
Aino Minako
Cowboy Bebop - TANK! THE! BEST! Our Last Day | Casshern Official Album Submersion Of Japan Blood+ O.S. 1
Blood+ O.S. 2 Battle Royale BATTLE ROYALE II: REQUIEM Star Maidens
Dragonhead Original Soundtrack AEGIS Symbiont Wait Until Dark
Sound EFX/BGM on Japanese Film Negotiator The Suspect Coming Through
Sailor Gurdian Under Aurora Fear Theater: Unbalance FIENDISH INVESTIGATION
The World of Mystery Movies
Nippon Guitars Mothra Psychedelic Sounds In Japan The Host

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