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2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of television's longest running series, Toei's "Super Sentai" adventures. Every kid needs a hero, and, over three decades, the studio has provided an army of them. With the exception of the first series, "Himitsu Sentai Goranger (Secret Task Force Goranger)," Toei has revised the characters and designs every season to keep things fresh (and sell enough toys to sink a battleship!). When their fourteenth series, "Kyoryu Sentai Zyu Ranger (Dinosaur Squadron Beast Rangers)" was adapted into "The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" in 1993, the Super Sentais have become a world wide phenomenon. Subsequent series like "Gingaman" and "Gao Ranger" have gone on to become other "Ranger" series such as "Lost Galaxy" and "Wild Force." Columbia Music has reissued a limited edition set of 26 mini-album CDs [COCC-15850 through 15875] that compile all the opening and closing theme songs from each series up to "Ninpuu Sentai Harikenja (Ninja Team Hurricane Rangers)." Also included are the karaoke versions and original album covers.

The current 30th anniversary series, " Gougou Sentai Boukenger (Rumbling Squadron Boukenger) ," is also now available. For the more frugal, there's a twin CD set, " Super Sentai Opening Theme Kyoku Best " which contains the most popular tunes from "Goranger" to 2005's "Magiranger." Speaking of which, you can still get several of the albums from the "Magiranger" series. " Maho Sentai Majiranger Zenkyokushu Magical Complete Songs " is a 2-disc set of all 25 songs (including the themes) composed for the series that was adapted into "Power Rangers Mystic Force."

Click on any picture or title below to bring up a page with a larger picture of the CD cover along with other info on the soundtrack including an English translation of the track titles.(Most of the CD's only have Japanese writing)
Special Police Dekaranger Super Sentai Spirit 2004 Live Magiranger Sound Stage 2 Magiranger Magical Suite
Magiranger Sound Stage 4 & 5 Magiranger & Dekaranger Magical Complete Songs Super Sentai Series Theme Songs
Kagaku Sentai Dynaman Chodenshi Bioman Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya Choukou Senshi Changerion
Suite Megaroman Ryukendo Ryukendo 2 Boukenger
Solar Squadron Daisentai Goggle Five Hikari Sentai Maskman Choju Sentai Liveman
Kosoku Sentai Turboranger Tokkei Winspector Tokkyu Shirei Solbrain Tokuso Exceedraft
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