GODZILLA & Other Monster Music
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Click on any picture or title below to bring up a page with a larger picture of the CD cover along with other info on the soundtrack including an English translation of the track titles.(Most of the CD's only have Japanese writing)
Godzilla + Rodan Monster Club Compile Cross Fire Catastrophe 1999
Super Express 109 Tidal Wave / Gorath Tokyo Blackout G-Saviour
Hypnosis Giant Robo Princess From The Moon Gunhead
Yusaku Matsuda Sound Memorial The Mysterians Monster Zero DESTROY ALL MONSTERS
Catastrophe 1999/
The War In Space
Half Human (dialogue) Yonggary 100 MONSTERS
Bye Bye Jupiter Super Atragon GUNHED single Latitude Zero
YUMING Sweets (VOYAGER) DaiMajin Message From Space Message From Space
The Last War Gappa, The Triphibian Monster Village of 8 Gravestones FIENDISH INVESTIGATION
The World of Mystery Movies
X From Outer Space Catastrophe 1999 Mysterians/
Battle In Outer Space
Virus House H-Man/Human Vapor/Secret Of Telegian Atragon/Matango
(2013 version)
Fantasy World Of Japanese Pictures Part 1 Fantasy World Of Japanese Pictures Part 2 Fantasy World Of Japanese Pictures Part 2
Frankenstein vs. Subterranean Monster Baragon OST Frankenstein's Monsters: Sanda vs. Gaira OST Monster Snowman OST Yokai Trilogy OST

World of Picture Music Series Vol. 2:
"Great Desperate Monster Battle: Daigoro vs. Goliath" Music Collection
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